Social Media Overload

It seems like these days there is a countless number of social media sites and apps to waste your time on. From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Tumblr to Flickr and so much more, nobody wants to be behind the curve. It starts to feel like you need to be involved in every single site, which can definitely become overwhelming. Especially as we get further into the semester, it is common to feel more inclined to wander off to these sites during classes. Don’t let it happen to you! If you can, leave your computer at home. If not, make self control app your new best friend! Don’t get me wrong. I love wasting time on the Internet but there is definitely a time and a place. At the end of the semester you don’t want to have to realize that the only reason you got a B instead of an A in a class is because you didn’t pay enough attention during lecture. The easiest thing to do is to allot a specific amount of time a day to spend getting you social media fix. WARNING: don’t make this time be right before you go to sleep. It’s harder to fall asleep after staring at a computer screen and taking in a bunch of information. You can try using 15 minute study breaks in between reading your textbook or in between assignments. I’m sure a lot of you are like me and are going for really good grades this semester so don’t let social media be the thing to hold you back from your 4.0 or from staying on top of your work!


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