Sunday Funday?

It’s Sunday! That means we have a whole new week to look forward too (aka make it through until Friday). It is easy to use Sunday as your day to lay around the house, watch some TV and eat until you have to unbutton your pants (so you can eat some more), but consider taking an hour or two to plan out your week. Things go a lot smoother when we have a game plan and it will probably make the week a little less painful. It’s never a good feeling to realize you forgot about an assignment/project/test so save yourself the stress and just look at what is on your plate for this week. Include some free time in your schedule so you can have your “me time”. Shoot to go to the gym or attend a class at least 2-3 times for the week and think about your lunches! If you need to hit up the grocery store really quick, Sunday is the best time to do it. Save yourself the money and get something you can bring with you instead of going out for lunch every day! Even check out the weather to make sure you are ready for anything that is thrown at you. Organization is key. After these two hours of planning, kick back, relax and watch the new season of Game of Thrones!


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