Things Every Iphone Owner Should Know

It seems that there are many things that those of you who claim to be iphone users do not know. I am going to let you in on a few secrets.

1. If you do not close out of your applications, your battery will die faster. How do you do this? After unlocking your phone screen double click on your home button. You will see all of the applications you have opened. Press and hold down on one of the apps and then press the – button that pops up. This will close the app so it will stop using up your battery. The more you have open, the faster your battery will die.

2. Don’t you hate when you’re laying down and trying to text and the screen keeps turning? I’m happy to tell you there is a way to stop this from happening. Once again, double click on the home screen and then swipe until you get to the music play button. Next to the left arrow is a gray square with an arrow in a circle inside. If you press on that, it will lock your screen to stay vertical. Problem solved!

3. For this one I can’t even lie, I just found out about it. You can create a custom vibration for each contact in your phone. It’s a little more complicated than the other ones but don’t worry, I have pictures.

So first go to your settings

Then go to General

Then scroll down and go to Accessibility and turn Custom Vibrations on

After that is turned on, go back to General and then to Sounds

Press Vibration and then Create New Vibration. Then you will be able to record your own vibration and set it to sound for one of your contacts.

Now you can go teach your friends something new or try to impress that person in one of your classes you have been trying to talk to. Always happy to help!


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