Shows That if You’re Not Already Watching..Hop on the Bandwagon

Sometimes being a TV junkie can get a little overwhelming, but there are some shows that are just must-sees.

Modern Family:

I would go as far to say that Modern Family is one of, if not the funniest show on television to date. Every one of the character’s has their own persona that makes you love them. It is the perfect show to watch with your family after dinner or grab a couple friends, sit back and laugh non-stop for 30 minutes.


Smash is a new show on NBC featuring Katherine McPhee, past American Idol participant. There isn’t anything quite like it on TV right now and you never know exactly where they are going to take it next. It is not a show about happy endings and fairy tales which is a nice break from the norm. McPhee is not the lead in the show, but instead she is the understudy. Can’t wait to find out what they are going to throw at us next!

Once Upon A Time:

Remember all of your favorite fairy tale characters? Well now they’re all in one show. Once Upon A Time, reminds you of the stories you were told as a child but puts a little twist on it. By no means is this a show for children. It keeps you on your toes with suspense and sucks you into the two juxtaposed worlds. The plot is unpredictable and keeps you coming back each week.

Best website to catch up on seasons of television is

Happy watching!


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