Fashion Awards MD

Last night I volunteered at the first Fashion Awards MD show. The show was put together by Lana Rae. According to the website,, Rae has been a part of the fashion/modeling industry for over 14 years. What I loved about this event is that when you think of Maryland, you don’t think of fashion. Despite that, there is an entire fashion community that works so hard but continues to go unrecognized. The show honored those people who are doing amazing things in the fashion industry in a place where fashion does not have a strong presence. Paul Wharton, a fashion icon who grew up in Maryland, was recognized for everything he has done and everything he is still doing in this industry. During his acceptance speech, he spoke about how if you have a dream all you have to do is go for it.   So many other things went on at the event like a performance by the local artist Wish, a fashion show and many awards were given recognizing make up artists, models, photographers, designers and more. It was great way for people to network and make connections and take a moment to appreciate those who deserve the recognition. I look forward to seeing how this event grows over the years.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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