Are you up for the challenge?

One question: Have you ever felt like your life is an ongoing cycle that you just can’t seem to break free of? Think about when you’re on a treadmill. You feel like you’re moving in a forward motion, but in reality you’re either staying in place or sometimes even moving backwards. That’s how life can feel at certain points. It becomes the same everyday or weekly routine and eventually you start to feel like you’re just going through the motions. In order to break this, compare stepping off a treadmill and going for a walk or jog outside to breaking the routine you have in your life. When you go outside instead, you’re able to see different things, go as far as you want and get some fresh air. There comes a point where you have to step out of your routine and try something different, especially if your routine isn’t getting you anywhere.My challenge for you this week is to try something different. It can be as big or little as you want. You could change what you take for lunch or switch up your work out routine. Or it could be as big as getting a new haircut/color. Change is good. It keeps us on our toes and out of a boring routine. Are you up for the challenge?


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