Beat the Heat

In the summer it gets hard to find an appropriate outfit to wear to work. You want to wear something that says your professional but you also don’t want to sweat your make up off and your hair out before you even step in the door. With this outfit I made on Polyvore, I used the perfect combination of cool but professional. A sleeveless top allows you to stay cool while you’re outside but once you get into the office you can throw on your cardigan. You also want to make sure if you wear a skirt it’s close to knee length. Too much skin shown in the office, especially for women, is something you have to be wary of. You want people to look at you because of your work ethic, not your sexual appeal. So from 9-5 cover it up and then let loose for happy hour.


Beat the Heat

Silk top
£120 –

Fat Face cotton cardigan
£38 –

Peplum pencil skirt
£35 –

Jimmy Choo suede shoes
€398 –

Zara shopping tote bag
$80 –


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