How to use Pinterest for Productivity

If you don’t know what Pinterest is you must live under a rock. The site is the perfect way to waste your time and convince yourself that you are being productive. We all have boards that focus on fitness and healthy eating, but how do you take that board and make it a reality in your life. Here are a few tips to make Pinterest a productive tool:

1. Look at your boards

Whenever I pin something, unless it is really memorable I rarely go back to look what I actually have on my boards. Instead of pinning your life away, after you’ve spent 30mins (or however long you get lost in the pinworld) go back and look at your boards. Write down a list of the pins that you find must helpful  or insightful and make them a reality.

2. Challenge yourself

Set goals for yourself with your pins. At the start of each week say you want to put 5 of your pins to use. Whether thats trying out some new workouts, fixing up something in your house, or trying a new recipe get something done!

3. Involve your friends

Things are always more fun when you’re doing them with your friends. If you see something your friend pinned that you want to try out, send them a text or a Facebook chat and ask them if they want to do it together. Then you can hold each other accountable and make sure you actually do it!

4. Reward Yourself 

Boards range from fitness to fun so why not do them all. For three new workouts you try out, reward yourself with a special dessert. Pinterest can be fun and productive at the same time!


Sometimes when I am on Pinterest I convince myself that just pinning something is enough. It’s a double edged sword in that regard, but it could also be the thing to get you to where you want to be in life. Use it in a way that benefits your life overall, not just something to pass the time at work!







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