5 Reasons to get Excited about School

Summer is more than halfway over and school is quickly approaching. Before you start moaning and groaning about going back to school to sit through lectures, think about all the exciting things that come along with going back to school!

1. Decorate your room!

Pinterest has made this even easier. Create a board on Pinterest and start thinking about all the different DIY crafts you can make for your room. Also, look for things that are going to keep you motivated throughout the semester to get the best grades you can. Look for a new planner (Erin Condren Life Planner!), get the perfect desk organizer, or even splurge on a new iPad!

2. See your friends!

In college you make friends from all over the country and after summer it’s the best feeling to reunite with those friends that you haven’t seen for three months and dish about all that happened over summer. You could even make a little scrapbook from the summer so you don’t forget any of the things you want to catch them up on!

3. Freedom from parents!

We love our parents of course but there is nothing like the freedom you get while you’re at school. No one to question where you’re going or why you’re sleeping in until 12pm (as long as you’re not missing a class!) It’s just you and your friends to take on the world.

4. Refill your wardrobe!

One of the reasons we love our parents so much is because going back to school is the perfect excuse to get some new clothes (with your parents paying the bill!) Back to school means Fall is on the way and who doesn’t love oversized sweaters and tall riding boots?

5. New school year resolutions!

Make this school year your best. Start out by picking a couples things you want to accomplish by the end of the semester. Whether it’s getting a 4.0 or working out 3 times a week, set goals for yourself! The start of a new school year is the perfect time to remember those new year resolutions and get back to them.



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