Organization is Key

Nothing feels better than knowing you have your life organized. I’d say I am a pretty organized person but life always gets in the way. Before going back to school I have decided to make three semester long and three year long goals. If you’re not working towards something it’s easy to get distracted. So what would you like to accomplish? Whether it’s getting a 4.0 or losing a couple pounds you have to stay on top of it to get anywhere. Here’s how I am breaking it down:

This semester I want to get a 4.0, so what do I need to do day to day, week to week and month to month to achieve that?

Day to Day goal: Have homework done before 12am

-In past semesters, I’ve always waited until the last minute to do my homework. Learn from your mistakes! The more sleep you allow yourself the better.

Week to Week goal: Have readings done for class by Sunday. Look ahead at syllabus.

-For freshmen, if you don’t do your readings it is close to impossible to get A’s in classes. Moral of the story: Actually do the readings!

Month to Month goal: Prep for finals

-Spend the last weekend of each month going over notes for classes to keep all the information from the semester fresh for the final

This could be seen as excessive but the more energy you put into prepping to do well, the better you chance you have at actually doing well. I’m extra excited because I just ordered my first Erin Condren Life Planner. If you’re looking for a planner and are willing to spend some money I highly recommend it. It gives you a yearly, monthly and weekly view. It also breaks the days into morning, day and night. It gives extra pages for lists and so much more. If you go to the website there are videos! Remember, organization is key.


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