Things I Wish I Had Known as a Freshman

Going into my junior year of college, there are so many things I wish I could go back do differently. So for those of you who are just about to start your freshman year, this is for you:

1. Never Wear a Lanyard!

That’s literally how we pick out freshmen. Just don’t do it.

2. Enjoy Your Classes Now

It only gets harder from freshman year. Some people struggle with the difference in the way that classes are run but overall the classes you take your first year are pretty easy. From there it only gets harder, so prepare yourself!

3. Actively Get Involved

This is your chance to try something new. Whether it’s a club, a sport or community service try it out!

4. Make Connections!

A good amount of the people you’re friends with during your freshman year are probably not going to be your best friends the rest of your college years. Therefore, instead of making a clique meet as many people as possible! Then later on in your college career you’ll know a bunch of people doing different things. Connections are everything!

5. Ask Your Teachers for Help

Go to teacher’s office hours! They love it and it makes you look good. Don’t be lazy and do the extra work to get an A!

6. Time Management

It’s easy to go little crazy with all of this new found freedom but before you know the end of the semester comes, finals are in a week and you have no idea what you learned. Keep going out to a reasonable amount. I’d say 2-3 times is more than enough. And don’t skip classes! It’s so easy because you won’t necessarily get in trouble but your grades will definitely suffer.

7. Study in Groups

Use your classmates. Everyone is trying to get a good grade so why not split up the work and bounce ideas off of other students. You’ll have to get used to working in groups because teachers love group projects.

8. Have fun

Overall just try to have the best time possible. I can’t believe my college career is almost halfway over and there’s no going back. Do your best in school, try to eat as healthy as possible and meet new people!


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