A Challenge for Females

I’m about to be brutally honest. This is not a blanket statement for all men, but I will say it applies to a good portion. We give them too much credit. A guy texting you first is no reason to celebrate. Think about how much effort it takes to send a text. Unless they are driving, close to none. Yes, it is nice to know they were thinking about you but no that is not a reason to reward them. We make it way too easy for them.

Back in the day, guys had to jump over hurdles to get a girls attention. Now, all they have to do is say “hi” and girls are ready to take off their clothes. What happened to standards? Guys have no desire to be in a relationship because they can put in a fifth of the effort and still get the goods. How do we stop this? Stop making it so easy for them. Make them work for even a date. That is another issue I have. What happened to dates? Now, a guy says “oh, do you want to come over?” They’ll entertain you for a little while. Maybe watch a movie, but at the end of the night they expect you to give them something and if not? You are a bluff.

I don’t completely blame guys though. If they can get it with little effort, that’s exactly what they are going to do. I blame girls because we are the ones giving it to them! Then we turn around and say all men are the same and they only want one thing. That’s the only thing you’re giving them. Give them a challenge and they’ll take the challenge. I am challenging females to raise their standards, keep their clothes on and make guys work for the goods.



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