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This semester I am interning for So far it has been an awesome experience! The site has branches at college campuses all around the country in order to highlight the street style of students everywhere. My job is to go around campus and take photographs of people who look cute on campus. If I see you on campus looking fashionable, watch out. I’m coming for you. Every Friday I’ll put up a link to my new post! Check out my post from last week here.


The Relationship Types

There are definitely some people who constantly feel the need to be in a relationship. Sometimes they don’t even do it on purpose. The only problem with this is you’re not giving yourself time to reflect on the last relationship. A month or two is not nearly enough time to reflect on a two year relationship.

There are reasons the last one didn’t work and if you don’t stop to figure out what those are you will make the same mistakes in your next relationship. Sometimes you are the one to blame and you need to accept that. Those same habits that are causing relationship after relationship to not workout will ruin any chance you have at making a good relationship work.

Being afraid of being alone is probably the worst reason to be in a relationship. The chances of you getting tired of that person will drastically increase because at the beginning of the relationship you are always given way more attention then normal. Then, once you get into a routine and the amount of attention you receive decreases, you don’t know what to do. You have to be happy by yourself before you can really be happy in a long term relationship.

If you can’t be happy with yourself, how can you expect someone else to be?


Happy Friday!!

As Rihanna would say, cheers to the freaking weekend. I hope everyone survived this week. Classes are now in full swing and fall semester has officially begun. Definitely have fun this weekend, but don’t forget that readings are homework and it’s better to be ahead than on schedule.

As for some words of wisdom, for the things you can’t control..let them go. Focus on the things that are in your control and generally that is only yourself. If you feel like things aren’t going your way, who is to say that your way is the right way. Do your best to not spend this weekend trying to convince someone of something. Instead give them the time to figure it out on their own. If they agree with you, great! If not, it’s not the end of the world.

Finally, register to vote! It doesn’t matter what your affiliation is but your vote counts. It’s a right that women should especially be considerate of because there was a point in time where our vote did not count!


Standards vs Expectations

I do not believe in lowering your standards just so you can be in a relationship but I do believe in being realistic. You may not want to lower your standards but maybe your expectations.

A. You can’t expect every guy to be just like the last. This guy is different and therefore your expectations should be different. He’s not going to do every little thing that the last did but he may do something new that you like just as much or maybe even more.

B. You can’t expect a guy to have his life together when you don’t. Expect him to have a plan. Ambition is the sexiest thing a guy can have. I don’t care how attractive you are. If you don’t have goals set for yourself, you automatically lose points.

If a guy doesn’t have all 5 of your must-haves, maybe he has 3 and 1 you never thought of. It’s alright if you’re just not into a person. That happens. But you will be surprised what happens when you give someone a chance.


If You Love Me Let Me Know

The hardest thing is having to find out the person you have feelings for doesn’t share those same feelings. It’s nothing anybody ever wants to hear but nine times out of ten that’s exactly what a person needs to hear.

If you don’t have feelings for a person, the best thing to do is to tell them. It doesn’t help anyone to drag it on. You may want to spare their feelings but you’re doing more harm by giving them hope.

I don’t remember where I read this but it’s stuck with me. Hope is more dangerous than fear. If you give a person hope that there is some possibility of a future, their imagination runs like wildfire. They can’t help it. The worst thing that has ever happened to me in a relationship was being told not now but maybe later. It was such a broad and vague thing to say but I held onto it because I wanted it to be true.

At the end of the day, and this goes for both genders, if a person likes you or wants you they will make a strong effort to have you. Even if they are nervous around you, you will be able to tell if they like you unless you are acting like you have zero interest in them. And if you can’t tell, find out! Life’s too short to beat around the bushes. The chase is fun but that can only last for so long.

The worst thing a person can tell you is no. You may be down for a little bit but you will have saved yourself a lot of time and then it’s on to the next one.