Standards vs Expectations

I do not believe in lowering your standards just so you can be in a relationship but I do believe in being realistic. You may not want to lower your standards but maybe your expectations.

A. You can’t expect every guy to be just like the last. This guy is different and therefore your expectations should be different. He’s not going to do every little thing that the last did but he may do something new that you like just as much or maybe even more.

B. You can’t expect a guy to have his life together when you don’t. Expect him to have a plan. Ambition is the sexiest thing a guy can have. I don’t care how attractive you are. If you don’t have goals set for yourself, you automatically lose points.

If a guy doesn’t have all 5 of your must-haves, maybe he has 3 and 1 you never thought of. It’s alright if you’re just not into a person. That happens. But you will be surprised what happens when you give someone a chance.



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