Happy Friday!!

As Rihanna would say, cheers to the freaking weekend. I hope everyone survived this week. Classes are now in full swing and fall semester has officially begun. Definitely have fun this weekend, but don’t forget that readings are homework and it’s better to be ahead than on schedule.

As for some words of wisdom, for the things you can’t control..let them go. Focus on the things that are in your control and generally that is only yourself. If you feel like things aren’t going your way, who is to say that your way is the right way. Do your best to not spend this weekend trying to convince someone of something. Instead give them the time to figure it out on their own. If they agree with you, great! If not, it’s not the end of the world.

Finally, register to vote! It doesn’t matter what your affiliation is but your vote counts. It’s a right that women should especially be considerate of because there was a point in time where our vote did not count!



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