Stress No More

It’s that point in the semester where your workload begins to pile up and your stress level goes through the roof. Want to know how to handle the stress?

1. Get sleep!

Seriously this is the most important thing. At times like this, it is imperative that you get your 8 hours in. Our first thought is to pull an all-nighter or to stay up really late but this hurts you a lot more than it helps. The later it gets, the quality of your work only get worse.

2. Make a plan

The easiest way to get behind on your work is to not know when everything is due. To start, make a list of all of your assignments that are due. Then break them up into tasks. If you need to study for an exam, plan a time to fill in your study guide, make note cards, and then go over all the information. The way you break up your tasks depends on the way you study best. Don’t wait until the last day to everything. The more you spread it out the better.

3. Stay calm

Once you start freaking out, it takes a lot longer to get things done. You are going to get it all done because you have to get it all done. Stressing only makes it more difficult to accomplish everything.

4. Reward yourself

Plan to do something fun with your friends once you’re done with all of your work. Go on a weekend trip, treat yourself to a shopping trip, or just relax. If you have something to look forward to, you’ll work harder to get it done faster.

Good luck to everyone with their exams and papers!



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