Until It’s Gone

I can’t get over what a busy month October has been and how fast it has gone by, which is actually the perfect way to get into the topic of this post. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. And then when it’s gone all you can do is reminisce on all of the great things and how you took them for granted.

How about this: enjoy it while you have it. Lately I’ve noticed everyone freaking out about something while it’s happening instead of being in the moment. It’s almost impossible to enjoy something if you’re questioning every second. I’ll put it into perspective with a real life example.

Ladies: So you are texting this guy that you really like and it’s new so you’re excited. Instead of freaking out every time he texts you and asking your friends what to say, enjoy the conversation. If he says something that throws you off, keep it going. Trust me, he’s not wording things a certain way to send you mixed messages..he’s sending a text while probably not paying attention.

Another one: You are trying to get over someone (and you’re past the rebound state) and you spend all your time complaining to your friends how you want a new guy to talk to and blahblahblah. Then, a new guy starts pursuing you. Instead of instantly coming up with five things that are “wrong” with him, see where it goes! Unless you are 100% not interested, give it a chance. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

All I am saying is, don’t let a good thing pass without appreciating it while it’s great. That’ll make after it ends (hopefully it doesn’t) a lot easier to handle because you won’t have to deal with regretting the things you should’ve done or said. Hindsight is 20/20 but in the moment can be pretty clear too if you make the effort.


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