Grade Yourself

Think of this as your mid-semester report. Remember the goals you had set for yourself before school started and all of the things that you wanted to accomplish? We are now two months into the semester and there are only two months left. Use this time to grade yourself. Have you been going to the gym as much as you wanted? Have you been eating as healthily as you had planned? Are your grades where they need to be in order to achieve the GPA you planned? If you aren’t where you want to be, make an action plan to get there. If your grades have dropped to C’s, check your syllabi for how many assignments you have left and how well you need to do on all of them to get that final grade up. If you have lost your motivation to stay in shape, make a new board on Pinterest, take notes on all of the pins you find and then make a weekly plan for how you’re going to make it a reality. it’s okay if you lost track of your goals for the semester if you make the effort to work harder to make it happen. In a couple of months you will be starting to think of new year resolutions and you don’t want them to be the same ones that you make every year. Finish off the year strong so you can accomplish new things next year. Take it a day at a time!



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