New Series: Lifestyle Change!

So I am starting a new series about lifestyle changes. I’m not going on a diet. I’m not cutting out all spending. I’m not just trying to go to the gym every day. I’m doing it all. My roommates and I have started a challenge to take all of the aspects of our lives that we want to improve and changing our habits to reflect those improvements. I will be documenting the experience and hopefully it will motivate you to make some changes in your own life!

The Breakdown:

1. Spending/Saving Habits: I want to start saving money and I have tried this many different times but have been unsuccessful. It is all about tracking your spending and actively making decisions that will positively impact your goal to save. is a great way to start this! You can link it to your bank account and it will tell you when you’ve gone over your budget. You can set goals and it will tell you how to get there. There’s also an app for your phone!

2. Eating/Exercising Habits: This is just about getting into a routine and holding yourself accountable. If you know what open time slots you have in your day to go to the gym, go then. You know what time is best for you to workout and it’s just about doing it. It doesn’t need to be a lot. It just needs to be consistent. I’ve started using Lose It! which is an app for your phone that tracks your daily calorie intake and how many calories you should be having every day in order to reach your goal weight. I’ve tried it before and it takes a lot of discipline to keep putting in your meals but hopefully you should see good results!

3. Grades: Once again, you know how you study. You know how you do well in courses and if you don’t talk to your professors or your friends to get ideas! The only way you’re going to do well in your courses is if you put in the time and the work. If you half-ass it, your grade is going to reflect that and trust me I’ve been there.

The thing that I need to accept at the beginning of this change is it’s not going to happen over night. I have to keep at it for a decent amount of time to see results and then once I see results I’ll have more motivation to keep it up. The next three weeks is my trial run. This was day one and the only thing I struggled with was the calorie intake. Dropping from probably 2000 calories to 1200 calories is a drastic change, but I just need to get my body adjusted!

Comment on the post if you want to join the challenge and let me know how it goes for you! Get on your grind!



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