Whiskey Saved My Soul

I have a feeling I am late in the game, but I just recently stumbled upon Thought Catalog and, as with most things, I am obsessed. I am sure I’ve landed on the site before. But this time was different. I guess it was the post I was reading initially, but I stayed on the site and decided to click around.

It basically embodies the type of writing that I want to pursue and the impact the posts have on me is the impact I want to have on other people. As I was scrolling back through the pages, one post in particular struck a cord with me. It was called “Tears Are Whiskey For The Soul.” I started reading it in the WordPress app on my phone, but the post is so long that I had to switch to my computer. Most times I can barely stay focused on the first paragraph of a piece, but this one had me hooked.

Thinking about it, the reason I have fallen in love Thought Catalog so quickly is because the posts are real. There is no telling you that everything is going to be okay. There are no fairytales or rainbows. It’s every day people facing the same struggle that you and I do on a daily basis. And in that struggle, these posts give you hope and guidance. It gives you a reminder that you’re not alone.

For me personally, the best feeling is talking to someone who actually understands what you are going through. Instead of looking in from the outside and judging you, they are right there with you empathizing with your pain and suffering.

While there is empathy, at the same time there is a a no-nonsense attitude. The same way these posts show you that you are not alone, they also make you question what makes your problems more significant than everyone else’s? If everyone is struggling, is it really struggling or is it just living? It’s like after every time there is some type of tragedy, we take second to stop and realize how blessed we truly are and realize what is important. Then we go back to the daily grind.

For me, this site has been my tragedy in the best way possible. Every time I start to feel melodramatic or start sounding like “woe is me”, these posts give me perspective. I can’t promise you will have the same reaction. I can’t vouch for everything posted. But I can say I’m sure anyone can find a post they can relate to. And you know you’re bored anyway so it’s something to fill the time at least.


And oh yeah, I’m back.




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