Happy Hump Day

Bet you haven’t heard this one in a while….




Want, Need, Success

As I finally logged back into my blog, which just becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up with, I wanted to write a post about determination. Ironically enough, I had already started writing a similar post two weeks ago. I guess I really want to get this point across…

At some point you have to want more for yourself. At least, that’s what I keep trying to tell myself. At some point you have to stop settling for less than you deserve. At least, that sounds nice. I’m sure I’ve said this before in a post, but it’s something I think everyone needs to hear time and time again. What you accept, you get more of. If you let a person treat you poorly once, they will continue to treat you poorly because they now know they can get away with it. I guess at some point, after a person treats you a certain way for long enough, you start to believe that’s how you deserve to be treated. Then we get into this disgusting habit of self loathing. A habit of blaming ourselves for the way others are treating us. In the end, you have to want more for yourself. Then that want becomes a need. That need turns into determination. And that determination turns into success. What do you want? That’s a question many of us struggle with, yet we also expect others to know what they want — especially in relationships. Figure out what you want and then take it. I dare you.