Pinspiration: Look Ma, No pants

This week’s weather is unbearably hot, but that doesn’t mean we throw fashion out the window. Dresses/skirts are the best way to combat the heat and still look fabulous. Here’s a round-up of pins showing how to pull off different style dresses. You can do a bohemian chic look or classy prep. The options are endless and getting to show off your legs is an added bonus!























I am excited to announce a revamping of As Told By Olivia. My goal for this site is to help its readers in all aspects of life. Whether that be with relationship problems, money problems or just keeping you updated with what’s going on in this crazy world, ATBO is here to help. “What does ATBO 2.0 entail,” you ask? Here’s a run down:

Monday: Pinspiration

Monday is the perfect day to get inspired. This will be a post the best pins we compile on a different topic each week. This includes fashion, travel, food, fitness, DIY, etc.

Tuesday: Music

Tuesday will feature some musician or artist that is doing cool shit. Everyone needs a little entertainment to get through the week.

Wednesday: Advice

Just to give you a little push to finish out the week, on Wednesday I’ll be giving you some advice on different aspects of your life. Topics will range from relationships, work, school and just life overall. Just a reminder that you can do it (whatever “it” is)!

Thursday: Money

This column is a little selfish because I absolutely suck when it comes to money. It can seem really daunting when you know nothing. Thursdays I’ll be covering some money related topic just in time for pay day.

Friday: Things You Should Know

Keeping up with news can be annoying so I will be making it a little easier on you by giving you a little rundown of what happened the past week. You’re welcome.

So that’s what we have coming up. I hope you are looking forward for what we have in store. An advice post will be going up a little later! Happy Hump Day! Must-Have Winter Items

1. Glitterati Black Sequin Top $36.00

2. THML Brave the Storm Rust $88.00

3. Chick Flicker Gold Sequin Skirt $44.00

4. LULUS Exclusive Space Odyssey Black  $34.50

5. C’mon Get Happy One Shoulder Navy  $38.00

6. Lemon Meringue Pie Yellow $37.00

7. Outward Appearance Studded Black Purse $40.00

8. Put a Ring On Knit Chartreuse Infinity Scarf $17.00

9. Jessica Simpson Essas Black and Silver Cap-Toe Platform Booties $133.00

Dresses & Bags

Dresses & Bags